Empathy Begins With You

On Sunday Metro News covered a story about a Dartmouth Costco employee who, unknowingly, made a huge impact on a dying cancer patient and her family (read the story here). This small act of kindness demonstrates empathy in its truest form.

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share feelings of another. Brad Piper took it upon himself to recognize the importance of the photos, and decided it was best to hand-deliever them to this family. By doing so, Piper understood the sorrow that engulfed the patient and her family and empathetically shared the feelings.

This story is a small reminder that empathy can affect others in a big way. Take a moment today to reflect on a time where you have demonstrated empathy to another, and think about how it made you feel. You may be encouraged to find that such a small act of kindness has a great reward!

In Memory of Krista


We are sad to report that a founding member of the Empathy Factory has passed away. Krista T. Dow was an incredible woman who supported our cause tirelessly. She will be missed dearly by the board, the volunteers, and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her.

Her wish was to have donations made to the Empathy Factory, so we have set up the Krista T. Dow Memorial Fund. We think it is a testament to her dedication and kind spirit that she wanted donations in her name made to this organization.

Below is her obituary (click to enlarge). Funeral will be held at 11am on Friday, November 28th at Atlantic Funeral Home on Bayers Rd.


Fall Is In the Air!

The Empathy Factory is gearing up for an exciting fall!

In October, we will hosting our Breathing: Empathy fundraising event and this year we are changing things up and we think it will be a fun time for all!

In November, Accelerating: Empathy, our event for high school students, will be running. We can’t wait to see what the students come up with.

School visits will also start back up, and we can’t wait to visit students from across Nova Scotia as well as New Brunswick.

Stay tuned!